Should we drink our water hot or cold?

I remember the time an Ayurvedic practitioner told me that hot water was a simple way of losing fat. I never forgot when he said this because of his reasoning for fat loss. He asked me “have you ever tried cleaning grease/fat off a stove with hot water instead of using cold water?” At the time I was skeptical because I kept saying that adipose tissue was different from grease on someone’s stove and the mechanism of shedding fat had to be a little different. It was like someone telling me eating “mussels” lead to more muscle in the body.

Obviously I’ve changed my stance on this. There is definitely truth to this warm to hot water on fat loss theory. It’s by no means an aggressive approach to fat loss, but it’s a routine worth throwing into the mix if fat loss is a goal. This extends to overall health, as warm water should be consumed over cold water.

So what are the benefits?

1.     Warm water increases metabolism by heating the body, which leads to calorie expenditure.

2.     Warm to hot water actually breaks down excess phlegm and in the case you’re suffering from congestion, it can help eliminate excess phlegm. This also aids in digestion and bowel movement.

3.     Warm water supports digestive enzyme activity. What happens when we put food in the fridge? It slows down its rate of breakdown because we slowed down the enzymatic activity of that food. The same happens when were chewing our food and drinking cold water at the same time.  Digestive enzymes are slowed down.

Let’s not overthink this and forget that proper hydration is a staple to overall health and supports the body during movement and exercise, which (under the right conditions) leads to fat loss. The reason it was worth making a blog post about drinking warm water is because we seem to have it backwards in North America. Usually we take our showers hot and drink our water cold. The effects of a cold shower include improved circulation, immunity and recovery from intense workouts. Not to mention the practice of being uncomfortable which, can build some beneficial psychological benefits.

This of course is a guideline and drinking cold water will not make you a bad person. Putting Perrier in your vodka will.

Jokes aside, it would be hard to follow through with this as refraining from a hot shower and ice water both feels and tastes good. Let’s just think twice before we ask for ice in our water while at a buffet and utilize contrast (hot/cold) showers more often.

Remember: Drink your water warm and take your showers cold.