Do you follow a diet or lifestyle habit?

Nutrition is easy. Of course, this is easier said than done and the wide array of health issues can attest to the idea that nutrition is anything but simple. There is one thing that we can make easier for us, and that’s the stress that we should be eating one way and one way only. Everyone seems to have his or her own way of eating and at times it can get confusing. This post isn’t meant to steer you into one way of eating, In fact, the bulk of this post is based around the idea that diets should adapt to seasons, conditions and health factors. To add to this, we need to find a way of eating that is sustainable for us without having any negative emotional effect on us. There are preferred styles of eating, but these styles should be able to adapt based on what the body needs.

Before I go any further, let me be clear that I’m not simply saying that nutrition is a free for all and that we should binge on whatever we crave. There are definitely metabolic, hormonal, fungal and psychological issues that need to be addressed in the right context.

For the purposes of this blog, lets say that we are simply trying to find our place in the class systems of food that have been created. Should you be on a Ketogenic diet? How about a strict Paleo diet? Should I count Macros? As I said earlier, it can get confusing and fast. With that being said, let me tell you that if the perfect diet is the destination and you’re on this journey, then stop and realize that the destination is the journey. Enjoy the foods that come your way and share it with the ones you love (just don’t overdo the macaroons that your sisters best friend brought over). You can count your macros down to a science and I guarantee that some days your body may call out for you to eat outside your macros. Why? Because our relationship with food is much deeper than calorie counting. Were complicated beings and if the area of nutrition were mastered than we would have no such thing as diabetes, obesity or eating disorders.

Did I just get deep? If I did, then I apologize for going down the rabbit hole. To re-establish the purpose of this post, just remember that there are preferred and optimal ways of eating but there is no diet that is the be all end all of diets. It just won’t happen.

Here are my most basic food rules that everyone should build upon. After these rules are established, then our “style” or preferred way of eating can be established off of these staples.

1.     Eat you’re veggies (if the meal is a show…then the vegetables are the stars of the show).

2.     Manage blood sugar. In the type of world we live in today, we don’t realize how important this point is.

3.     Don’t neglect protein intake. The bros may overdo the protein thing from time to time, but this macronutrient is key to eating optimally.

4.     Don’t neglect your fats. Ever heard of sex hormones? You’ll need fat for those bro.

No matter what type of diet you choose to follow, these rules will always apply…


Build upon healthy habits, not diets.