Start Achieving Your Goals With This One Trick.

This is one fitness tip that requires no gym membership to start.


“I used to be skinny before the baby”. “I used to bench more when I was younger”. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard someone talk about how they used to be healthier, slimmer, stronger and sexier back in the day. Unfortunately, life can push you in different directions and for whatever reason, you’ve gained some weight or lost some strength. So, you’re in this position trying to lose weight and get back to what you used to be and the task of losing weight or putting on muscle has been so hard to do. You’ve done it before, so why can’t you do it again?


Here’s what I’ve learned over the last bit. You will never be what you used to be. You can’t re-create the conditions that you had in the past. Since then, you’ve become wiser, older, and the conditions around you have changed. Start creating the conditions that will improve who you are today moving forward. Don’t strive to be what you used to be, but instead be a better version of what you are today.


1.     Love who you are. Seems cliché, but when have we ever achieved success while hating ourselves?


2.     Surround yourself around people who share the same goals as you and who will support you. You know that guy that makes fun of you for ordering the salad or rice instead of the fries and beer? He just doesn’t want to be alone.


3.     Start now. The “I’ll start Monday” excuse is played out. If you’re reading this, and you want to start your fitness journey, then start now. Walk, run, yoga, dance…Just start something and start now. Often people will not start because of the fear of not “doing it right”. Some traditionalists will hate that I say this, but you can start anywhere and you can correct whatever that needs to be corrected along the way.


4.     Have fun doing it. If you’re trying to get stronger, screw the numbers and just start lifting. If you feel good after doing it, then you’re doing it right. Too intimidated? Are you finding it hard to start somewhere or share your progress because you self-conscious of other making fun of you? Then let’s workout together. Seriously, email me.


I’ll have some exciting news coming up so stay tuned!