A Case For Eating More Carbs

Carbs aren’t bad. Especially when your working out or doing something energy intensive. I’ll admit that I’ve dabbled in the Keto, Intermittent Fasting and Paleo world and through it all I’ve realized how important carbs are to the body (both positively and negatively). This holds especially true if you’re training at a high level. You just can’t recover and be explosive without carbohydrates. I have nothing against the Keto crew whom run primarily on fat, but when I was doing it, I had to re-assess why I was doing it. I wasn’t preparing for a marathon nor was I battling any blood sugar issues. I do know that I was training at a high level and not recovering. Was it because I wasn’t fasting properly or eating enough fat? No. It was because I wasn’t sleeping enough, but more importantly, not eating enough.  Let’s say sleep and stress are in check and the missing link here is a lack of calories. What are some tips to re-establish the metabolic fire?


1.     Start eating breakfast. Since the intermittent fasting craze emerged, people who neglected breakfast rejoiced and said “hey I’ve been something right this whole time”. While it may hold true fore some people, the majority of people I’ve met who skipped breakfast were not doing it therapeutically or as a specific lifestyle change, but simply doing it because they didn’t have time to eat breakfast in the morning….and lunch.

2.     If you’re training, eat some carbs after you’re workout and don’t be shy about it. Assuming you have tracked the appropriate amount of macronutrients you need for the day, take advantage of the post workout window to ingest a higher amount of good quality carbs. Fruits are a great way to replenish glycogen stores immediately after your workout.

3.     If you’ve been on a calorie-restricted diet for whatever reason, don’t stay on it for too long. The body has a system in place that will adapt to lower calorie intake and your fat loss dreams will come crashing down after a while.

4.     Not everyone needs to lower his or her carb intake on non-training days. You will not get fat in one day. 

I'm not saying it's the answer to all of your problems, but it could be one of them.