Routine can be good sometimes


I used to think routine was boring. Instagram is littered with inspirational quotes telling you to quit your job and move to Thailand while living amongst nature and all its abundance. The thing is, without some aspect of routine, our lives are a mess. Jobs are routine, but they provide financial stability. Dietary structure is boring, but in some circumstances they’re required in order to bring your health back to a baseline. Where am I going with this? It’s actually unrelated to a job or diet, but rather how you carry yourself when working out. I have a couple rules that I try to enforce for myself when it comes to movement and exercise.

What to do:

  1. Always pickup the barbell and dumbbell off the floor the same way you would as if it were 500lbs. That means your somewhat braced and aware at all times. I’ll even utilize this rule when doing something as simple as picking groceries up off the floor (the brace is a little unnecessary, but the movement mechanics should be the same).
  2. Put your weights away. It’s the principle that matters. It creates a lifelong habit of simplicity. Use a weight, put it back. Eat from the plate, wash that plate. The habit eliminates unnecessary excess and keeps you from looking like a douche at the gym.
  3. Drink water like a draught is coming. Obviously this rule can be taken to an extreme, but I’ve never found myself on the verge of over consuming water.
  4. Eat after your workout. I’m not concerned with timing, but I’ll shoot for that 1-hour window after your workout.

My point here is that there are two types of routines. One is the type that keeps you stagnant and comfortable while the other type of routine keeps you consistent and accountable.