Dealing with Food Cravings.

Instagram and food shows have made it harder to lose weight. I can’t even count how many times I’ve come across a video on YouTube teaching you how to make cookies and cream donuts only to find myself at the grocery store 20 minutes later looking for something similar to what I just saw. The thing about all of this variety and access to tasty foods is that they aren’t necessarily the healthiest at times. Yes, I understand that a little bit of balance will allow us to enjoy our Pasta and Ice Cream while maintaining optimal health, but that’s easier said than done.


I always roll my eyes at people who talk about food strictly from a numbers standpoint and disregard the cravings aspect of it. I know I can have 5 cookies and stay within 50g of carbs, but what if its hard for me to only eat 5 cookies? What if I want more? What will numbers do for me then?


With that being said, here are my 3 tips to help you deal with food cravings.


1.     Create a set of rules that qualify you to eat something high in sugar. For example, I always tell clients to have your dessert match your activity level. Plan on meeting a friend for ice cream and waffles? Then plan to workout before going out.


2.     Distract yourself. In some cases, your going to simply eat whatever you have your mind set on. In most cases, cravings are another way of your body saying its bored. Have a random craving for mango sticky rice 2 hours after dinner? Go out for a walk at the mall, call a friend to chat or even better, go to the gym. Placing your focus on something else cuts the edge of the anticipation of something sweet.


3.     Understand that you can eat whatever you want, but you have a choice to decide what you eat. Framing foods this way will take the power away from cheesecake. I have this idea that if Louis Vuitton purses were sold for $35 at Ross then the hype of having one would go away. This same thought process happens with food. The more you say you can’t eat it, the more you want to eat it.


And those are my 3 tips on dealing with cravings. Remember, food shouldn’t simply be looked at as bad and good, but instead over consumed and under consumed.