How to Properly Prepare and Eat at a Buffet

I’m a lover of the buffet. What’s not to love? Firstly, you’re taking away the stress of ordering the wrong meal or not having enough of a good one. I know with quantity, the quality can go down, but when you find the right balance between quantity and quality, it’s a beautiful thing. Don’t believe that balance exists? Go to Vegas and try the buffet in Caesars Palace. It’s like Disneyworld for foodies. Now that I’ve professed my love for All You Can Eat Buffets, let me show you how to eat at one without taking a hit on the scale.


The important thing to remember about eating at a buffet is that preparation begins before even getting to the restaurant. In fact, it starts in the morning.

Here are 5 steps to follow before eating at a buffet.


Step 1: Start the day with lemon water in the morning and use the washroom. Not only is it a good practice to implement on a daily basis, but it also gives you a chance to make room (without getting too technical).


Step 2: Backload all your carbs until you get to the buffet. If you’re counting calories and macros, then this will be easy as you’ll be able to know how many carbs you’re actually allowed to eat. Saving all those carbs like money until we get to the buffet is an easy way to prevent you from overeating too much. Prioritize fibre from veggies and moderate protein until the buffet opens.


Step 3: Plan to workout before going to the buffet (I suggest leaving a 1 hour gap between finishing your workout and actually eating at the buffet). This is all in the name of insulin sensitivity. In the post-workout window, the body is more receptive to carbs (which I assume we’ll be having more than our usual in that one meal).


Step 4: Prioritize protein at the buffet. Let’s be real, you paid a lot to get into the buffet, DO NOT waste your money on pizza, fries and noodles. Those foods are ok in moderation, but 70% of the food you end up eating should be protein and the foods you don’t necessarily have regularly at home. For me, those things include crab legs and seafood.

Step 5: More plates. Smaller portions. When you do go up for food, don’t over commit to one plate. The beauty in the buffet is variety. Try everything in small amounts. Not only will you enjoy your food more, but you’ll be more mindful of what you eat.

That’s it. That’s my simple method for preparing yourself for a feast. These rules not only apply to buffets, but any meal or occasion that’s bound to be high in calories.


See you at the buffet!