Do I Count Macros?

I was recently asked if I count macros. I didn’t realize how tough that would be to answer. That’s because saying yes carries a lot of connotations. My answer is yes and no. Is that clear enough? Of course I’m biased when it comes to food quality. I’ve invested my career in natural nutrition, but allow me to share something about myself. I’m not the holistic nutritionist that places a bad food/good food tag on anything. I like my ice cream and cookies as much as the next guy. The difference here is that I believe in moderation and taking care of your “food bills”. Make sure you get sufficient protein; good quality fats and carbohydrates then feel free to enjoy the sweeter things in life (like ice cream).


Back to the question at hand… Do I count macros. Yes. I use them as a foundation for measuring or quantifying how much I actually eat. While I don’t believe everyone needs to count calories, I do believe that everyone should have an idea of how much they are actually eating. This is how things are kept consistent and weight doesn’t fluctuate without notice. If that means calorie counting for a month, then why not. The only problem I have with calorie counting is the idea that it’s the only factor involved in metabolism.


I know I’ve delayed the upgraded macros project, but believe me when I say it’s coming. I’ll be speaking on this more so stay tuned for future posts.