How To Apply Principles of The Macrobiotic Diet Into Your Life

I’ve been a fan of the Macrobiotic diet for a while now. If you look at food and nutrition in a holistic context, the Macrobiotic diet is the diet to look at. The thing is, it’s hard for me to follow every single rule of the Macrobiotic diet. Like anything else I come across, I like to take the best from something and apply in the best way that fits my lifestyle (I know…Sounds a little selfish). For anyone unaware, the Macrobiotic diet is more of a blueprint to healthy eating than a diet. It’s origins stem from Japan. I wont get too deep into the origins and history of it, but just know that this diet is known as the “Art of Prolonging Life” and follows a set of rules that promotes principles such as eating locally, seasonally and in moderation. While I cant say that it’s a fix to every ailment in the world, I can say that many people have significantly improved their health by following the Macrobiotic blueprint. So what do I take from it and how can you apply it to your everyday life? Here are my favourite and most applicable rules that I apply to my own life that I’ve taken from the Macrobiotic diet. Please note that the rules of the Macrobiotic diet are far more in depth than what I’m writing on, but these rules are the ones that I find the most easiest and applicable for me to follow.


Here what I take…


1.  Promotes a peasant style approach to eating. Historically, the peasants seemed to have it right. They lived off of what they could grow and kept their diet simple and clean. They couldn’t afford copious amounts of sugars and other unnecessary ingredients and didn’t overeat because they had to live within their means. Another excuse you can give to your rich friend when you guys are ordering at a restaurant. Can’t afford the lobster? Say you’re on a strict diet that promotes longevity. They’ll understand.

2. Eat locally. I try my best to eat what’s local. That doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy some frozen mango in the winter, but eating locally is a concept that I try to apply as much as possible when doing my shopping. It ensures that what were eating is in line with the seasons and makes sure that our produce has the most micronutrients available when picked.

3. Balance: The Macrobiotic diet promotes a balance between Yin and Yang. This makes sense as we can apply it to our everyday macronutrients. We don’t want any of them in excess. Balance my friends.

4. Art of living: There are no set absolutes and there should be flexibility in all aspects of your life.

5. Concept of Appreciation: Be grateful for what you have. This is a constant challenge for me as I can find myself always wanting more. This applies not only on my plate, but also in life. If we can learn to love what we have and where we are at this present moment, then we’re properly applying the concept of appreciation.

6. Drink warm water and tea for enhanced digestion: The warm water allows digestive enzymes to go to work while the surface tension of hot tea allows it to get into our system faster.


Hopefully you can find some of these concepts applicable to your everyday life.